Friday, April 23, 2021

A Serene New Cyber Class

Several years ago, I was playing around with a very soft pink and green thread palette and came up with a very enjoyable geometric that I stitched almost to a finish, then set it aside to work on something else.  Here's the project I had started:

 Recently, when I was going through my project stash I ran across it and thought, "Hey, I should finish this up!"  So I did.  And I liked it so much, I wondered how how the same design would look in soft blues and greens as well..... So I stitched up another one in a dreamy blue thread palette:



And I liked it equally as well as the pink one!  "Hey, this would make a fun cyber class project," I thought to myself.  So that's what I'm presenting to you today.... My totally serene "SPRING FLING".

 And I must tell you, none of the stitches are difficult; indeed, they are basic stitches done in easy repeat rows, which are fun to stitch just to see the soft colors unfurl themselves....  Here's what the assorted stitch patterns look like up close:

See?  Nothing difficult at all!  Straight stitches, zig zag rows, triangles, diagonal laid ribbons, and even a little bit of a lacy filling stitch.... And aren't those colors yummy?   This 10" x 10" design is stitched on 18 ct. eggshell canvas, with one variegated Watercolours, a handful of DMC #5 pearl cottons, a few flosses, and a couple of metallic ribbon colors.  And the piece includes silver round beads and a silver diamond jewel for the center.  But it occurs to me now, that this piece would also be a terrific way to show off an heirloom button or unique charm (oooh, how about a small cameo?).... I'm sure you can find something fun in your own stash of buttons, charms, and beads, if you like that idea.

Here are the basic color choices for the class, either BLUE or PINK:

 The BLUE palette is built around Watercolors 336 - "cool waters" and the PINK palette is built around Watercolours 053 - "coral blush".  So if you think you might enjoy a relaxing geometric project for those warm and lazy summer days that are quickly approaching, please mosey on over to my website and see all the relevant cyber class information.

Happy Weekend Stitching, Everyone!