Wednesday, November 17, 2021



 It's full on Fall in my neck of the woods.... How about where you live?

All the color on the leaves (and now mostly on the ground) remind me of a favorite quilt design I did many, many years ago when I was stitching up lots and lots of different quilt patterns for counted canvas designs.  MAPLE LEAF was one of the first designs where I used diagonal borders to create "on point" diamond spaces that would allow me to insert stitched maple leaves.  Here's what I'm talking about:

The original model was done in full fall colors of rich greens, reds, golds -- using Watercolours 010, "Fiesta", one of the very first variegated threads dyed by Lois Caron.  The small 8" x 8" piece is worked on 18 ct canvas (eggshell, soft ivory or even sandstone would work fine).  One of the fun things about stitching this piece is how limited the thread palette is (one variegated thread, two solid color #5 pearl cottons, and one neutral background color) but how rich and complex it looks when you've finished stitching it!  Which is one of the best reasons to work with a variegated thread - no need to switch threads.... just keep stitching and let the colors unfold and surprise you!!

 I loved this MAPLE LEAF pattern so much that later I stitched it in a different wine country colorway - green and wine - using Watercolours 047 "Camouflage" which has luscious greens, golds and burgundies.  Here's what that version of MAPLE LEAF looks like, although please know that thread dyelots have changed a LOT over the years and today's threads are not exactly the same as those done many years ago:


I've put both colorways in this revised new pattern, so you can select which version you prefer.... or you may have another fall thread you'd like to try, since there are now so many more variegated pearl cotton threads on the market.  And for the first time, this revised, revamped and reissued MAPLE LEAF design is now available on my website, under the American Quilt Collection page....


So if you are a lover of all things FALL and are interested in this fun pattern, please shuffle your way through the leaf piles to reach my website and see all the ordering information for MAPLE LEAF...

Happy Autumn Stitching, Everyone!