Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tonight's the Night!

  Have you got all your candy?

 Found your tall pointy hat?

Cut holes in your sheets?

Fed your familiar?

Let the bats out of the belfry?

Lit up the jack-o-lantern?

Then you're definitely ready....
 Hope you have a fun-filled Halloween!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Is Your House Decorated for Halloween?

Time to gather the pumpkins....

Decorate your entry....

Stock up on your favorite candy..... and get ready for the spookiest holiday of the year!

Pssst:  That's my HARVEST MOON HOUSE, stitched last year and still a favorite with counted canvas stitchers!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bargello & Butterfly Stitchers!

Hey, all you BARGELLO AND BUTTERFLY Stitchers!  I just want to alert you to a boo-boo in the Butterfly Graph....  The DMC numbers are reversed on the teal and blue symbols, so here's how they SHOULD be:

In other words, the BLUE thread - DMC 791 - should be the LOZENGE symbol; and the TEAL thread - DMC 991 - should be the FLOWER symbol.  And you can see where the teal stitches are if you look at the butterfly photo at the top of this post. 

And if you purchased one of the first patterns, you might not have DMC #5 791 listed on your back Materials Page.  You can stitch with DMC 791.... or if you have DMC 792 or 797 in your stash they also match the royal blue metallic ribbon that is used on most of the butterfly wing -- any one of those blues is equally electric!

So very sorry for the charting mistake and hope this doesn't cause you too much of a stitching inconvenience.....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This Month's Trunk Show

Well, this month my trunk show is up in the California Gold Country -- at Kelsey's Needle Krafts in Placerville, California (530-622-6205).  

I've sent my newest models - including the new HALLOWEEN BARGELLO piece - and lots & lots of patterns.

So if you happen to be driving through the Gold Country this month to see the glorious fall colors up there, please stop by and say "Howdy" to Sue and the other nice ladies who run the store. They are a super-friendly bunch of stitchers and are always ready to make you feel at home!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Love Those Ribbons!

It's been ages since I've created a ribbon project, so I thought it was time to introduce a new cyber class that has a few fun ribbons in it.  Oooh La La!  I'm calling it "Ribbons & Monogram" and it looks like this:

It's a small project, 7" x 8.5", done on the old-fashioned brown mono canvas, just to give it an antique look.
There are just three ribbons, but each one is different and equally fun to stitch.  I've also designed a special alphabet that is a little bit Victorian, a little bit French, n'est pas?

And because I couldn't narrow it down to just one colorway, I thought I'd offer the stitcher several color options (each one equally yummy):

The cyber class registration runs from now until the end of November, and the class will start in January 2014, after the hectic holiday season winds down.  So if you're looking for a special treat for yourself, or a fun project to kick off  the new year, why not visit my website and see more of the particulars regarding this new "Ribbons & Monogram" cyber class -- including the specific Watercolours threads and #5 pearl cottons used in each of the colorways.