Tuesday, November 7, 2017

An Elegant New Cyber Class for the New Year!

Over this past year I've printed and mailed out lots of my large pink ARABESQUE patterns, and at one point, I stopped and wondered what a small version of that piece would look like.  Once I had the idea, I simply couldn't rest until I stitched up a smaller version, and I must say.... I totally enjoyed working on the small 8" x 8" piece, especially since I was able to use Watercolours' Bark (in subtle browns and purples) with DMC 333 and 340 (that yummy periwinkle family).  And Oooh, La, La -- here's what the whole piece of the new PETITE ARABESQUE looks like, stitched on Santa Fe Sage Green 18 ct. canvas:

This smaller piece has all the same elements as the larger one, but it's not so intimidating to stitch; and because it's smaller, it's easier to stitch, too, since you don't have to bend and stretch across a large canvas to work into the middle!   To make the cyber class piece even more enticing, I've created several different color palettes (all equally luscious) for the class stitcher to choose from:

All of the colorways use the same antique greens for the borders, as well as the same vintage gold Kreinik and Ribbon Floss metallics (including chunky gold Hot Wire to make the curleques).  An additional soft metallic Ribbon Floss thread will match the main color of each palette.

So, Stitchers, to kick off the beginning of 2018, I thought PETITE ARABESQUE would make the perfect new cyber class for the New Year.  If you're intrigued by this unusual geometric piece, and want something different to stitch after the hectic holiday season has ended, please stroll on over to my website and see all the color choices and cyber class information... Pssst: Think of it as a pre-season present for yourself, to enjoy in the New Year!!