Monday, October 31, 2011

A Magic Potion Just For You

Find a very tall black hat;
Fill it with a squeaky bat.
Catch a clever shiny crow;
Gather up the pumpkins' glow.
Call your black cat home to you;
Summon up a ghost or two.
Throw in lots of special treats,
Like candy corn and lizard feets.
Simmer, bubble, stew and wait....
Then it's time to celebrate!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Need a Pile of Leaves to Play In?

I had so much fun stitching up last month's LAHAINA BREEZES I decided to create a new series which plays around with this surprisingly fun patchwork/abstract/collagey/impressionistic format. And here's what I came up with for this month:

I'm calling it "TURNING LEAVES" (which is sort of a play on words as well, because it's got lots of different leaf patterns in it, and they're turning all over the place!)

Here's a section of it up close:

It was a blast to stitch and throw in every fun type of leaf pattern I could think of, plus the focal point - a swirling box of oak leaves and acorns. How fall-ish is THAT?!?!

And it uses two different Watercolours threads: 144 "Pomegranate" for the variegated oranges, plus a brand-new one 285 called "Sherwood Forest" in rich greens and browns with spots of orange. And I also put in a lot more beads than usual... I found some longer bugle beads that are a yummy variegated greenish color, so I had to add those along some smaller gold bugle beads, plus a handful of amber seed beads, as well as the larger gold ones that always stand out well on 18 ct. canvas.

If you're intrigued by this new TURNING LEAVES design, please visit my website for a more detailed thread list and other ordering particulars!

Oh, and Happy Friday, Stitchers... I hope you get lots of fun fall stitching done!