Thursday, July 15, 2021

A Serene Geometric Design

 I recently had a request for a pattern from a cyber class I had several years ago, called PATCHWORK PARFAIT.  I realized it was way past time to release it on my website, for those stitchers who enjoy working pure geometric designs.

It's truly one of the most tranquil and pleasant geometrics to stitch, since the stitch patterns are pretty basic and all that's required is creating the diagonal satin stitched borders, then filling the squares with those same few patterns, but going in different directions in each quadrant.  Here's a closer look at some of those repeated stitch patterns:

See?  Nothing difficult at all..... And it's worked on 18 ct. mono canvas which is cut at 15" x 15", with the finished design size is actually 11.5" x 11.5".

Another enjoyable thing about this piece is how easy it is to change the colors in the limited thread palette.  The pattern provides five different colorways: teal (shown above), blue, green, purple, or red.  But you can definitely make up your own version, starting with your favorite variegated Caron silk Waterlilies.  

The thread palette includes two Splendor silks,one  Kreinik 1/16th Ribbon and one YLI Ribbon Floss. 

 So if you're in the mood for a serene geometric piece, why not meander on over to my website, and see PATCHWORK PARFAIT's pattern information.   And.... Happy Summertime Stitching!!