Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a Little Heart...

Recently, I was reading in Janet Perry's site (NUTS ABOUT NEEDLEPOINT) about her suggestions for different ways of finishing needlepoint projects. I found it particularly timely because I had just finished stitching up the sweet little canvaswork heart (a Barbara Richardson design in the Jan/Feb issue of Needlepoint Now magazine).

Although the magazine model was stitched all in winter whites & golds for a box top, I wanted to stitch it in variegated reds & pinks, so I went thru my stash of home-dyed threads and found a suitable colorway to stitch on pink canvas (just for fun). I envisioned a happy valentiney heart that I could make into a stuffed ornament, that I might hang on a doornob somewhere in the house.

The photo above shows how far I've gotten....I wasn't worrying about how it turned out - I just wanted to experiment with the stitches and threads. I improvised a bit, made a few boo-boos....but I just had fun with it. It's a fun project, with several areas of fun stitch patterns to play with. And I particularly enjoyed stitching the center row of hearts - each one in a different pattern.

Maybe I'll stitch a bit more around the hearts....maybe I won't...but I'm looking forward to turning it into an ornament that I can display all year round.

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