Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Flowers - A Corsage You Can Stitch!

 Amongst all these camellia photos I've planted a new pattern for you to find!


It's called CORSAGE, and looks like this:

If you like stitching different blocks of stitch patterns and flowers as much as I do, this pattern may be just the thing for you! (Oh, Yum, wouldn't this make a luscious pillow, inset in a rich velvet fabric?)

It's a small piece; just 8" by 8" on 18 ct. sage green canvas, but it packs a lot of fun stitching inside it.  I chose four of my favorite composite patterns and just played around with how they would look, using a variegated skein and a handful of matching threads. I also wanted to highlight one of my favorite flowers - the gardenia - so that's the flower I chose to stitch in the middle of the blue model (although the stitched flower also looks like a camellia as well).

 BUT WAIT!  Here's what's neat about this pattern: you can also choose to stitch a different flower in the center -- a simple rose (or dogwood) that looks like this:

 And here's how the flower looks in the pink version I also stitched up (although I could have also stitched the flower in pale pink, for an entirely different look):

 The pattern gives you thread palettes for BLUE, PINK, PURPLE and RED colorways, so you can start stitching without spending lots of time playing with threads...

In any event, there are lots of fun choices to make with this project; because you get to personalize it with YOUR favorite colors and flowers.  So if you're in the mood to stitch something flowery after a long cold winter, CORSAGE might be a good project to celebrate the approach of Spring!  ( By the way, I taught this piece as a cyber class a few years ago, but haven't released it to the stitching world until now.... so if you missed this fun project in the past, now's the time to add it you your stash! )
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skrawek tęczy said...

Piękne hafty!
Podziwiam, pozdrawiam serdecznie i zapraszam do mnie:)

zenuwpees said...

La broderie est magnifique bonne nuit Marie-Claire