Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Vacation Retreat

Hey, Counted Canvas Stitchers:
Do you need a secret summer hideout?
 A vacation retreat in the mountains or by the water?
A sweet little cabin you can relax in,
 reading and stitching and watching the clouds roll by?

Well, why not STITCH UP you own little country cabin, with my brand new

I've been itching to create another panel project for some time now (using the same format
as the long NORDIC PANEL I did last year as an exclusive Nordic Needle project),
because it really was a lot of fun to stitch, with interesting patterns divided by
a handful of cheerful borders.  And I wanted to add a cute little cabin surrounded
by tall trees, just to give it a summertime feel. 
 I also mixed in some of my favorite design elements from 
American quilts, Indian blankets, and country style to give it a real rustic feel.

 Here's a close-up look at the middle cabin section:

This 7.25" x 18.5" piece was stitched on 18 ct. canvas in eggshell,
 but sandstone could also work for a more woodsy look.... 
I stitched my model in greens and browns (the Mountain Cabin version), but
the pattern also includes an alternate thread palette with blues and browns
 (the Lakeside Cabin version).
Either way, it's a darn fun piece to stitch up, let me tell ya!!

So if you'd like to stitch up your own country retreat,
 please mosey on over to my website and
 check out the thread lists and ordering information....