Friday, July 17, 2020

A Summery New Cyber Class

TA DA -- Announcing a fun new cyber class that's currently on my website,
called "FLOWER BOXES":

I was craving something light and airy for this summer....something easy to stitch on hot summer days with pleasant motifs (with a bit of blackwork thrown in)... and what better than flowers arranged in a knot garden layout!

FLOWER BOXES is a 9.5" x 9.5" design stitched on 18 ct. canvas in eggshell.  And each stitcher gets to choose between the BLUE/AQUA version (shown above with a cool thread palette) and the ROSE/CORAL version (shown below with a warm thread palette):

But WAIT, it gets even more fun.....  I've always wanted to create a class where each stitcher gets to choose the elements they like best for each section.  In this design, you'll get to choose between two different wide borders (blue arrows below), two different narrow border rows (pink arrows below), and best of all, choose which flower clusters you want to stitch (yellow arrows, plus lower boxes, too)! Or, you can stitch the "sampler" version with all of them combined as shown in my cover model.  Below is the cover model with arrows pointing to the different stitching options:

Does that tickle your designing fancy?!?  I hope so!  If this class seems like something you'd like to work on during these long hot summer days, please sashay on over to my website to read all the class information.   STAY SAFE And HAPPY WEEKEND STITCHING, everyone!!

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