Monday, August 4, 2008

Blackwork Mystery, part 3

I've posted the third and final part of my BLACKWORK MYSTERY SAMPLER on my website.

Here's what my finished model looks like:

I'm so very disappointed that you can't see the really bright, shiny metallic I used for the third "layer" of this design. If you look back at my threads photo, you can see the spool of shiny turquoise Kreinik blending filament that I used. Those are the tiny turquoise glints you get on this piece, when you finish adding your metallic work.

I particularly like using Kreinik's blending filament as a metallic accent in blackwork because it gives a really subtle but great ZINGY accent. It gives off these little zaps of sharp metallic lights throughout the piece, which is a surprise and delight to the eye.....Really! You'll just have to stitch with it yourself, to see what I mean....

Also, you'll see that the finished design has lots of "wagonwheel" elements in the overall piece. I've done many blackwork designs where I've stitched the wagonwheels in Kreinik blending filament and WOW, the effect is very elegant and eye-catching! You might like to try that option some time, too.

I'd like to point out at this time - after you've stitched parts 1 and 2 - that you have lots of options to fill in the remaining empty spaces. I've chosen the "wagonwheel" elements, but can you see how you can change the look of the patterns by adding other elements? Can you visualize how it might look if you put DIAMOND SHAPES or FLORAL SHAPES inside the circles, instead of the wagonwheels? And you can always put cross stitches, upright crosses or smyrnas just about anywhere. I've inserted a few cross stitches and upright crosses to show you how easy it is you add these simple elements in your blackwork patterns.

That's one of the fun things about doing blackwork: it's so geometric, you get to add or subtract the various elements you like into the pattern, thus creating new and different patterns every time you stitch. It's a good way to dabble in designing.... and a very fun way to play with colors, pattern density (how light/open or dark/filled you make your pattern) and pattern design.

And...for you bead lovers, there are lots of places to sprinkle some beads, if you so desire. On the final graph, you'll see some suggested places to put beads. Follow my lead, or feel free to bead it up to your own satisfaction!

Anyway, I hope you've enjoying stitching this little project with me!

(P.S: In my typical designer-eye style, as I was stitching this one I was leap-frogging ahead to more ideas for other projects...SO STAY TUNED FOR MORE FUN FUTURE PROJECTS!!!)

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Anonymous said...


I came by your blog via another stitcher's blog who's working on one of your freebies, so I had to come take a look for myself.

I've never done blackwork before, but your pattern is very lovely and I'm going to download it!

Also, I was very surprised to see that you live in Healdsburg! I grew up there (and my name is Laura, too!) and my mom still lives there. I like it there, except for how touristy it's gotten over the past 20 years. And our one little craft store closed a couple years back. :(

Anyway, your designs are just great. They're so colorful!