Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hey, Stitchers.... I just found a great thread-shopping site you should visit if you want to browse for different thread types from the comfort and privacy of your own computer. It's A to Z Needlepoint, run by my local stitchery store, The Regal Rabbit, in Windsor, California.

The store owner, Diane McGregor, was telling me all about it one day when I was shopping in her store. We were talking about how many different types of threads there are and how hard it is sometimes to find just the right thread for your canvas. She suggested I check out her website and search the thread section; she has spent many hours listing practically every thread in her store, in order to give stitchers the best possible way to select and order threads online. Not only are the threads organized by COMPANY and TYPE, but also - most significantly - by COLOR FAMILY and DMC NUMBER!

For instance, say you're going to start stitching on a valentine canvas and want to use the red color of DMC 814. But what other types of threads (metallics, silks, rayons, wools, etc.) match that particular red? Just go to A-Z Needlepoint's thread section, type in the DMC number, and . . . Voila! up pops a screen with all the possible thread types that match that specific DMC color. And as you browse around all the various individual skeins of thread, each has its corresponding DMC number listed on its main page, so you can get a definite idea of what the color exactly IS.

And, in addition, Diane took the time to add very helpful tips about using each and every type of thread on her website. Want to try a twisted silk thread, but are unsure how to use it? Read Diane's tips and you'll learn how to use the thread and feel confident enough to give a new thread a try.... It's MORE wonderful information right at your fingertips. Here's a sample of Diane's description of Trebizond:

"Trebizond is a twisted filament thread that is extremely shiny and can be used on canvas as well as on linen. The weight, luster and composition are unique and can be used for embroidery as well as canvas work. Stitch with a length no longer than 18 inches to maintain the luster of the thread. Be careful to keep the twist of the thread to maintain its sheen. This thread makes beautiful leaves and flowers."

Isn't that marvelous? You've really got to visit her website and browse through all the thread collections. It's also a great way to see if certain types of threads have just the color you're looking for. Do you need a soft ribbon, such as Neon Rays, in a particular shade of pink? Well, here's the place to see if such a color exists! (And, yes, of course, everything is available for convenient online ordering.) What a great way to spend the day oogling all those yummy threads and planning out your next canvas project!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Bad Laura.

Jane, awarding 6 enabling points from Chilly Hollow where we ALWAYS need new threads

Anonymous said...

Thank you I will share this information with my EGA Ladies. GB

NCPat said...

This is fantastic! We will all use this for sure. My LNS carries lots, but not all, but is happy to order for me. This will certainly make it easier for us both!

Karol said...

What a great sight. Thanks for sharing.

Christine S said...

What an excellent site! Thank you so much for posting the link. I will bookmark it!