Saturday, February 28, 2009

What A Web!

I was cruising around the web this weekend, and found a few more interesting stitching/needlepoint blogs to add to my "must read" list. What a treat to find more needlepoint sites.... Isn't it always fascinating, educating and even liberating to see what other stitchers are doing on their canvases?

Here they are:

Stitches and More

The Cape Stitcher

Summer Louise

I really enjoyed looking/reading all of these blogs because they have great detailed photos of their stitching progress. They all provide even more threads, canvases, stitches, and ideas for us to consider as we tackle our own projects....

Which is really one of the best things about sharing things on the web -- not only are we creating something for our OWN enjoyment, but letting other stitchers see what we're doing expands the whole world of stitching, making us all a part of a really, really big stitchers community!

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Lisa said...

I totally agree with your comment regarding blogging and feeling like part of a stitching community. After finding a few of your patterns at my LNS (Needle in Haystack in Alameda), I found your blog...then after reading others I was inspired to blog my needlework and life. Through this exercise, I have become apart of this community, joined an RR and might even get to meet some of the RR members through my travels w/son's hockey team. What a wonderful web we spin :).
Thank you for inspiration!
Lisa in Dublin, CA