Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Heads Up, Stitchers!

Even though I'm guessing you are all stitching on springtime projects now, I need to let you know:
 If any of you stitchers have purchased my BARGELLO CHRISTMAS TREE in the last few months, please print out this revised graph and stick it inside your pattern, so when you go to stitch your tree you'll have the newly revised graph symbols.  Somehow, someway, one of the green DMC #5 pearl cottons (DMC 987) got left off the graph as well as the Materials List page. (Oh, Major Pooey!!)

So here's the legend with the CORRECT SYMBOLS for you to use:

My abject apologies... and I'm so very, very sorry for the graphing mistake, as well as any resulting stitching confusion!!

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