Monday, February 18, 2013

Mini Mystery Monday, February, pt. 2

Happy Presidents' Day Weekend, Stitchers!  I hope you've found some extra stitching time today!
Right now, we're going to finish up this little cutie with some fun stitches, so let's get to it...

Did you wonder if there would be a place for hearts in this month's mystery?  Oh, yeah....
Well, here they are in the quarter graph:

Time to add a few rows of satin stitch hearts.  I've alternated the rows by color, but you can alternate the colors within each row if you want.... or you can even try padding some of the hearts by laying a few under-stitches going in the opposite direction, then putting the final diagonal stitches on top, as shown above. 

Add the small smyrna crosses in the crooks of the zig zag rows using 1 strand of your metallic thread. And finally, work another layer of the "fan" stitches around the center diamond area, using 1 strand of your metallic thread, and stitching in every other empty hole that remains on your canvas. 

And pssst, if you want a preview of how the whole piece looks, here's the full graph for you:

When you get all your stitching done, you can add as many (or as few) beads as you want.
And, hey.... how about adding a sweet fimo heart or porcelain heart button in the center -- wouldn't that make an extra-special valentine surprise?!?

So, TA DA, there's this month's short and sweet mystery piece. This would definitely be fun to try on different colored canvases in all sorts of colorways (how about pale pinks or creams? or pastel colors, so it looks like those fun candy hearts?), or maybe on plain white canvas, using all red threads.... However you stitch it, have fun playing with it!!

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nice pattern Marie-Claire