Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Flowers: Pastels

Are you feeling springy yet?
Need some soft pastel flowers to get you in the springtime mood?

 If the flowers in your garden aren't blooming yet, you might want to create your own spring bouquet by stitching up this lovely pastel piece, called SPRINGTIME BOUQUET:

I just love, love, love the soft pastel colors of this design!  It uses a favorite variegated thread of mine - Watercolours 64 - "Pale Lilac" and here I've stitched it up with pink accent colors, but the pattern also provides thread suggestions for periwinkle blue accent colors (if you prefer more blues than pinks!)  It's stitched on a 14" by 14" piece of eggshell 18 ct. canvas, and the finished size is 10.5" by 10.5' -- it would make a fantastic pillow, I'm thinking....

The four central floral blocks are actually blackwork patterns, done with 1 ply of the variegated Watercolours, but the soft pastel colors create such a delicate look!  Here's what they look like up-close:


Lacy leaves, a fun ribbon border, and oh yes, ahem, those ARE Wrapped Roses in the corners. Fun to try, if you've never done them...but if they are not your favorite stitch (grin), you could avoid stitching them and just add sweet buttons or even purchase pre-made ribbon roses!

Please skip on over to my website and click on the SAMPLER COLLECTION to find out
how to order this lovely SPRINGTIME BOUQUET pattern.

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