Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March Colors

 I always think of March as a green and purple month...probably has something to do with St. Patrick's Day, I suspect...  Anyway, I was printing up a few of my Celtic designs recently, and thought they would make a good posting for this time of year!

This is the very popular CELTIC KNOTS, in the American Quilt Collection:

 and TRIPLE IRISH CHAIN, another favorite quilt design:

 Here's OZARK TRAIL (although maybe I should rename it "Leprechaun's Trail " with all the dancing greens and purples - grin!):

If you are a blackwork fan, this CELTIC CROSS 2 is a truly stunning piece that is worked on an evenweave fabric (24 ct. Lugana) with just a few threads:

Here's a look at it up-close, so you can see the different blackwork patterns, worked in dark green and gold, with a bit of emerald metallic blending filament:

As you can see, I added a Celtic button in the center, but you can embellish this piece with any type of charm or button you'd like to highlight as the focal point....

If any of these pieces catch your smiling Irish eyes, please jig on over to my website: and order them there!

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