Thursday, July 31, 2014

Website Down for a Bit...

Just a quick note, Stitchers: 
if you've been trying to get into my website today, you may have been directed to TRIPOD instead. 
 They are currently making some security changes/updates to my site, 
which apparently take a few days to go into effect. 

So please try again in a few days, and hopefully, we'll all have access to it again.  sigh.
Until then.... Keep Stitching!


zenuwpees said...

Pas de problèmes j'attend bonne journée Marie-Claire

Shelley said...

Hello, Laura -
Good morning!
I want to sign up for the cyber glass that will begin sometime in August. will the registration time be extended because of the website being down? Please email to me if you get the chance.
Thank you.
Shelley Collins

Shelley said...

I've not seen my comment get posted. Laura, I need to know if there's still time to sign up for the cyberclass after your website is back online. Please email to me at either or
Thank you!
Shelley Collins

Shelley said...

Hi, Laura-
Can I still sign up for the cyber class ? With your website down right now, maybe you'll extend the registration period? Please let me know. Thanks!