Friday, March 7, 2008

Bringing Out those Old W.I.Ps (continued)

Here's another project underway....and I haven't had much free time to work on it, so it was a good weekend retreat project. It's THE TOKEN Quaker sampler so many stitchers have already stitched up. I saw this project while skipping thru so many blogsites and I actually fell in love with it because I saw so many other stitchers working on it, each working it in different variegated colors. So of course, I just had to stitch it too!

But my version is a tad different, in a couple of ways.

Here's the close-up photo of this project:

First, I'm working the design on eggshell 24 ct. Congress Cloth, with 2 ply of variegated silks and cottons. And I'm even adding ittsy bittsy stitches of fine pink metallic to give it some hidden sparkle.

Second, I'm NOT cross stitching it; I'm only doing a simple half cross stitch, or a plain old Tent/Continental Stitch on the whole design. (My thinking is: I figure I can stitch it twice as fast, if I'm only stitching half the cross-stitches...if that makes any sense...and besides, because I'm a two-handed stitcher, I tend to stitch pretty fast -- I just have to make time to stitch on it...sigh).

Third, I'm changing colors thruout the whole design, using my all-time favorite color palette of pink and green (with a little lavender and a dash of old gold sprinkled in).

This has become one of my "sanctuary" projects. By that I mean when I'm pooped from working laboriously on harder, more complex projects, or when I'm wound up from a million day-today design decisions, I can find a safe haven, a little private "sanctuary" by stitching on this project. There's no difficult decisions to make on this piece (aside from deciding which color to use) so my designing mind can take a rest while I stitch....

A PROJECT FOR EVERY STATE OF MIND, that's my stitching motto!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a project for every state of mind -- I have also been categorizing my projects by how portable they are -- for example, simple knitting lends itself well to sporting events and traveling.

tintocktap said...

Wow - that looks lovely! I do like your colour scheme for it, too. I also have different projects I work on depending on what sort of mood I'm in and how energetic I'm feeling!

Anonymous said...

I also love your colours and the that you are stitching on congress cloth. i have seen cross stitch patterns and had a similar idea - they lends themselves to canvas work!