Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yet More Old WIPs...

Well, what can I say except: I'm a Gemini, and I need a LOT of different projects around me to feel happy and creative.

So here's another W.I.P. I pulled out of my stash. It's Tony Minieri's STARS OF THE MILLENIUM.

I've got it mounted on stretcher bars, and couldn't fit the whole width of it on my scanner, so I can only show you a portion of it. But it's a beauty - even with only a part of it stitched up. It's done on 18 ct mono canvas (I chose to work on light pink canvas, just for fun.) And again, I'm using my favorite pink and green palette. (I just have a big bag filled with lots of different pink and green threads, and I figure out which threads to use, block by block, so it's an additional challenge to pick the threads as I need them.)

But block by block, this design is absolutely fascinating to look at - as well as stitch it! Each block by itself is a creative masterpiece, and overall, I'm sure this will be something I'll stare at for years....(of course I don't expect to get it finished for years...I'm just happy to get one block completed at each retreat weekend)

Here's a close-up of one of my completed blocks:

The layering of stitches in this piece makes it a real stitcher's challenge. And yet, the compulsion to finish one more block continually leads you me, it feels a bit like climbing a strenuous mountain.

Step by step, stitch by stitch, the project is scaled. All it requires is a needle and thread, a good bit of patience, a thimbleful of optimism, and a whole lot of perserverance.



tintocktap said...

Love the colours again - it's the greens and pinks that do it for me.

NCPat said...

This is lovely!