Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a Quick Note, Stitchers...

In my enthusiasm to pass along my "Mini Mystery" ornaments to you, I forgot to mention a few very important facts.

First, all of the ornaments I've posted are copyright protected by
COPYRIGHT 2011 Laura J. Perin Designs, with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Secondly, these Mini Mystery Monday projects are for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. That means that you can stitch them and have fun playing around with them, but please don't use them for any profit-making projects.

Thirdly, these Mini Mystery Monday projects are not intended to be used in any for-profit ventures such as kits, classes or teaching sessions. [For those shops that are interested in teaching stitchers about the joys of counted canvaswork, I suggest you check out the hundreds of patterns I have listed on my website - with my recent HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS SERIES 1 & 2 being the best place to start....]

Anyway, I've been enjoying creating and sharing these fun little mystery gems with all of you, and I hope you're enjoying stitching them up too!
See you again on Monday...

1 comment:

NCPat said...

we can stitch them for gifts without a problem, right?