Monday, December 5, 2011

Mini Mystery #2, continued

We're on the homestretch on this little project, so let's move along....

The border row you are going to stitch next is a string of variegated boxes (8 x 8 threads overall) that have a metallic diamond edge around the middle, and a metallic Smyrna Star in the center. The graph for a single row stitched right up against the center block looks like this:

I stitched my model with just one row and made the boxes all the same, with red metallic diamond edges and gold metallic Smyrna Stars. But if you want to stitch TWO rows around the center block, you can alternate the metallics - in checkerboard style, so the metallic colors switch in alternating boxes.
Here are the two different metallic combinations for you to consider:

And the graph for this two-row border would look like this, and you can continue stitching the rest of it around your center block:

Which combination you choose may depend on what colors are in your variegated thread. My red metallic edges blend in to the "Holiday" variegated thread a bit too much, I think (but I do like the row of gold smyrnas marching along the edge). Maybe I should have gone with the other combination to show off the diamond edges... but sometimes you never know until you finish stitching!

And here's another quick option for a two-row border - just add some plain square "checkers" around the diamond squares - with your choice of thread color.... either the bright color metallic or even the dark border color. Here's the type of quick border I'm talking about:

Soooo, the decision you need to make right now is whether you want to stitch just one row around your block (and then your ornament will be 3.25" x 3.25") or will you stitch TWO rows around your block (then your ornament will be 4.25" x 4.25").
(And if you can come up with another combination of colors/stitches - go for it!) In either case, I recommend stitching all the variegated thread stitches first, then go back and add your metallic stitches afterwards.

Also, in the corners of your border row/s you can add the larger Rhodes Diamond done in whichever color of metallic you like best for your corners (I stitched gold ones). And if you decide to stitch two border rows, try alternating the metallic colors of your corners - it makes a very dramatic flourish to the piece....

And after you stitch your border row/s you can add the final dark border row

using your darker pearl cotton color in a simple Diagonal Satin Stitch. And again, in the corners place a metallic square - in whichever metallic color you prefer. Here's the full quarter graph of the whole ornament (use this graph to stitch the first quarter, then complete your ornament by stitching the other three parts by turning the graph to match your stitching, being sure to follow the stitch direction of your initial section):

So when all your stitching is done, your ornament should look something like mine:

And as for you beaders out there: I challenge you to find places to add a few gold beads... I didn't put them on the graphs, but I know where I'd put my beads. Where would YOU put beads on your ornament??

Next week I'll show you an idea I had to finish off my little ornament... as well as another way to stitch up this design for a surprisingly different effect. Keep stitching...and I'll see you next Monday!

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LIZ said...

This is so much fun Laura! Thank you for these Mystery posts. I have completed the 2nd one and there is a pic on my blog: