Monday, January 16, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #4, pt. 3

Time to wrap up this small mystery project!!

Let's begin by adding a sweet and simple border around your snowflake design.
And I've come up with two versions, so you can decide which one you want to stitch on your project.

Here's the first one that I stitched on my model:

Start at the CENTER of the border row, counting up TWO THREADs from the tip of your snowflake, and work the zig zag row first, using 1 ply of the variegated Watercolours. Please note that each of your zig zag shapes are made up of four stitches (as numbered on the graph), until you reach each corner -- and that last corner shape is made of FIVE stitches! Next, add the sparkly metallic Smyrna Stars inside the zig zags and the Smyrna Squares in the corners - using 1 strand of your bright metallic ribbon color. Finally, do a simple backstitch row on either side of the zig zag border, to give it a clean finished outline. TA DA... FINI!

But wait a minute... if you want to try another easy border that you'd like to add beads to, stitch this one in the same manner described above:

And here's the graph for the whole design (with both borders included in the graph):

And as you can see in the whole graph, I've shown a few places to add small beads around the snowflake, if you want a little bit more sparkle.

So your sweet new mystery project should look something like this:

I hope you've enjoyed stitching this project which combines a few diagonal satin stitches with a little bit of blackwork. It's fun to see how different techniques can be combined in interesting and easy ways, don't you think?   And, here's a surprise for you: look what happens to this design when you do it in white #5 pearl cotton on RED canvas with a touch of pale gold metallic ribbon:

Isn't that totally amazing how different it looks? Makes me want to go back and stitch the previous Mini Mystery pieces on red canvas as valentine ornaments!!

So give it a try.... this little design lends itself well to all different types of threads, so I hope you get a chance to play around with it and find your own unique combinations....


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the red and white, I have some dark red fabric which would look great!
Thank you for these lovely designs.

Joy Burkhart said...

Lovely design - thank you for sharing!
Joy in So. Indiana

Christy said...

Very nice! I like versatile patterns. Thank you!

raised by cross stitching wolves said...

This design turned out beautifully! Thanks for giving 2 different options for the border design ~ I love both of them. ~ Lorraine

Elżusia said...

Bardzo dziękuję za schemat Mini Mystery!Z przyjemnością wyszywałam ten projekt i będę wyszywać pozostałe.Bardzo mi się podobają.Thank you!Pozdrawiam

Linda said...

This was fun! I'm amazed: I found you, found the pattern, went and found thread and got the piece stitched. I guess I really needed a quick and easy-to-finish project!
Thanks so much