Monday, January 30, 2012

Mini Mystery Monday #5

Time for another little mystery project -- something very fast, very fun, and very easy!

The finished size of this piece is apprx. 4" x 4" on 18 ct. canvas; design count is 68 threads by 68 threads. I stitched the first design on white canvas, so you can use white or any light-colored canvas you want - eggshell or light blue or green....whatever goes with the threads you choose. (I also stitched it a second time on colored canvas, but more on that later on!)

We'll be using a very simple palette again: just one variegated thread with two different metallic ribbons. Chose one bright, "sharp/scratchy" metallic and one soft sheen, muted/dull metallic. To show you what I mean, here are the threads I used:

And we're going to start our mystery project with the very same element we used in Mini Mystery #4, the separated lone star (the divided star? the exploded star??):

And the center graph looks like this:

But this time we're going to make nine of these stars with a variegated border as well. So here's your graph for the first part of this mystery:

That's really all there is to the first part of this design, so go get your threads and start stitching! I'll see you next Monday with the next layer of stitches....


Miriam said...

This looks like fun!

Jerri said...

I love this color scheme but don't know what the threads are. Please let me know so I can get the same color combination. Thanks, jerri

Jerri said...

Please tell me what the names of the threads used are. It is beautiful. Thanks, jerri