Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Calling All Flower Lovers!

I'm having another "encore" cyber class that will start in June.  It's my favorite CORSAGE, a fun small project with a set of enjoyable stitch patterns.  Here's what the pink version looks like:

CORSAGE is a small piece (8.5" x 8.5") done on 18 ct. sage green canvas.  I'm offering a selection of colorways, so you have the chance to personalize it to your own color taste.  As the thread photos below show, you can choose a PINK, PURPLE, BLUE or RED thread palette:

The PINK palette uses Watercolours 170, "Arabian Nights"; the PURPLE palette uses Watercolours 006, "Amethyst"; the BLUE palette uses Watercolours 153, "Distant Hills"; and the RED palette uses Watercolours 047, "Camouflage."

And no matter which colorway you choose, the focal point of this piece is the flower in the center box.  And again, you'll get to choose which flower center you'd like to put in your piece -- the dogwood/rose version (shown in the pink photo above) or the gardenia/camellia version (shown below in the blue version):

It's a really enjoyable piece to stitch, and the composite stitches aren't difficult - it's just a fun project that shows you how to create complex-looking patterns by layering simple stitches..... 

So if you're in the mood for something different, but not too hard, think about signing up for my CORSAGE cyber class (my website has more information, if you're interested).  Registration runs from now until the end of April; and the class will start at the beginning of June. 


zenuwpees said...

Woooow it is so beautiful congreatulation i love it Marie-Claire

fanfreluches de Mary said...

It is very beautiful