Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Flowers

Here in Northern California Spring is in full swing!

Our daffodils and tulips bloomed way back in February and March, so we're moving on to lots of other flowers now.  But daffodils have always been the flower that everyone thinks of when they think of Spring.
These are the ones I had blooming in my garden this year:

One of the very first flower collages I designed was the DAFFODIL COLLAGE (you can find it in my Secret Garden Collection on my website), and it's still a fresh, bright favorite of mine:

Every time I look at this piece I'm reminded of how much I love using that pale Santa Fe Sage Green canvas. Personally, I think of this sage green as a "neutral" color, since it's slightly cool and slightly warm at the same time, and practically every other color looks good on it.  And in the case of these yellow daffodils, these stitch patterns really POP against the soft and coolish green background.

So as a stitcher, I just love to stitch my flowers, no matter what the season is, or what is (or isn't) growning in my garden.  It's just my way of having all my favorite flowers around me throughout the year.....
Happy Friday, everyone!


Karen said...

Beautiful daffodils. Moving to south Texas from Portland, Oregon...I miss the spring flowers. Thanks for sharing!

zenuwpees said...

Beautiful flowers and the Narcis Collage i love it congreatulation Marie-Claire

ольга said...

день добрый!!очень понравились ваши работы!!!а схемы вы продаете свои?мяня заинтерисовала работа там где нарцысы!