Monday, April 29, 2013

Mini Mystery Monday, April 2013, pt. 3

Okay, have you got your scallop stitched?   Pretty darn easy, huh?  Scallops are easy to stitch, but they add such a different look and feel to a piece.  They definitely soften the edges of any square, geometric design!

 So.... this week, let's add a bit of your accent color to the piece:

Now it's REALLY starting to look like a valentine, don't you think?

Use 1 strand of your darker accent color to make the half-eyelet triangles around the outside spaces, and also for the small Rhodes Diamonds within the center area.  Then add the short diagonal stitches to frame them with 1 strand of your lighter/medium color thread.

By the way, I chose those half-eyelets because now there's a place to add some beads -- always a nice touch on a small ornament!

Next week we'll finish this up, and I'll even present you with the option of adding another outer border to the piece.... just in case you'd like a slightly larger ornament.  See you next Monday!


zenuwpees said...

Very nice i love it Marie-Claire

monique said...

Merci pour la jolie grille