Monday, May 6, 2013

Mini Mystery Monday, April 2013, pt. 4

There's just a bit more to stitch on this small springtime mystery piece.  Here's the graph to follow this week:

And all that needs to be done is: stitch the center circle with your metallic thread, along with the four diagonal stitches in an accent color.  Lastly, add your beads (or french knots), as I've suggested in the above graph.

But WAIT!  We can play a little bit more with this design, if you want to......

As I was working out this design and got a bit of my model stitched, I realized I could make it a little bit larger by adding one more scalloped border on the outside, which creates an extra curvy look to it.
Check out this quarter graph to help you add one more border row around your outer edge:

Isn't that fun?  It's a very easy addition that extends the size of this ornament, and adds a bit more color to the piece.

I also wanted to share with you the different ways this design can be stitched.  Originally, I grabbed a Watercolours thread and a handful of #5 pearl cottons to work my model... But then I thought you might find it interesting to see how this design looks like on a small count canvas using finer threads.  Here's a picture of the original #5 pearl cotton version with another one I've partially stitched on 22 ct. Hardanger fabric, using #8 pearl cottons and a bit of Caron Wildflowers:

It's apprx. 3" x 3" on the finer fabric, and quite a bit more delicate looking.  You can also work this design on a fine Aida fabric (say 16 or 18 ct.)..... or even your favorite evenweave fabric (I like 24 ct. Lugana).  As you work on finer fabrics/canvases, you need to use finer threads.  Try 1-2 ply of DMC floss or stranded silks, if you want a really fine, delicate look to your piece. 

I hope you've enjoyed stitching this slightly different design.  I'm going to go back to work on a much larger project on 24 ct. Congress Cloth that actually incorporates some of these same blackwork flower motifs.  It's not quite ready yet, but should be finished in the next week or so.  Here's a peek:

And pssssst, if you're curious about that fun needle minder I have on the right, let me direct you to Etsy, where I stumbled on a whole bunch of wonderful "bottle cap" magnets for sale!  I found this one in an Etsy store called "Little EMbellishments", and the owner/crafter is Emillie Dellalucia.  She was selling packs of 4 magnets with the KEEP CALM image in different colors.  Anyway, I asked if she could sell me additional magnets so I could use them on my canvases, and she happily agreed.   LOVE 'EM!!

So.........    Go. Shop. Stitch.            And of course, Have Fun!


zenuwpees said...

Beautiful i love it Marie-Claire

Anonymous said...

Love the pinks you've used for this one - I might not be able to resist! Looking forward to seeing more of the sneak peek!